Mutual Benefit Fund

In addition to the benefits of using our redundancy trust fund, you can further enhance your employee benefit package by joining our Mutual Benefit Fund.

Our various insurance policy provides you with covers for:

  • Journey Cover – for loss of wages should death or permanent disability occur in travel between home and work
  • Ambulance Cover – for members and immediate family, ambulance or emergency transport when sick or injured anywhere in Australia
  • Funeral / Child Care Cover – funeral expenses will be paid for and childcare benefits provided upon the death of the member or their partner
  • Leisure Travel Cover – all leisure travel for a period of up to 120 days will be covered for such things as medical, property or cancellation loss etc.

Please refer to the product disclosure statement(s) on the right for full details on each category of cover.

For any claims query, please call 1800 640 009 or e-mail

The ReddiFund Mutual Benefit Fund Discretionary Trust (“Mututal Benefit Fund”) is a trust established at law for the management of risk and provides an alternative to conventional insurance. The Insurance Cover of the Mututal Benefit Fund is arranged by Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB). Eligible Workers are entitled to cover under the Mutual Benefit Fund and are defined as those workers nominated by employers who make contributions into ReddiFund.

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